Monday, September 15, 2014

Vegetarian Crockpot Mexican Gloop

I love striving for a no-processed kitchen, but sometimes it requires a little fast thinking. Since we are a one vehicle family, the days that I keep the car by taking my husband to work have become guaranteed crockpot dinner days. This wasn’t just a crockpot day; it was also a we-aren’t-grocery-shopping-for-another-3-days kind of day. I used what we had, it looked pretty ugly, but it tasted mighty fine.

You need:
-Pinto Beans (I make all of my own, maybe 1 ½ cups or so)
-Kidney Beans
-several celery stalks, chopped
-onion, diced
-half of poblano pepper, chopped
-1 ½ cups or so of your favorite salsa
-2 tablespoons or so of your favorite taco seasoning (We use Penzy’s!)
-4 oz. cream cheese, broken up into pieces (half of a packet was all I had and it was more than enough)
-cilantro, red pepper, salt, and pepper to taste
-several corn tortillas

 I’m going to tell you what I did, and what variations I might do later.

-Mix everything except the tortillas together in a bowl
-Lay a few corn tortillas on the bottom of the crockpot
-Pour some mixture, and continue layering that way until it’s all gone. I made 3 layers.
-Cook on high 3-4 hours or Low 6-8

The next day, J was off work and wanted to make tacos for lunch with the leftovers. He seared some corn tortillas in the cast iron skillet and put the mixture inside. This got me thinking that you could make the mix in the crockpot or stove top and just use that to fill tortillas if you wanted. OR make quesadillas even…WOAH! Crazy!! I also think potatoes, any other kind of bean, and even chicken or beef for you carnivores out there would work too. 

Happy Eating! 


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