Wednesday, October 1, 2014

3 Apps That Have Made Life Better

The majority of people with SmartPhones these days have specific things they use their phones for other than communication. We keep our schedules, our photos, our music, and our news on these tiny devices. As I have been striving to make myself more reliable and disciplined, I have found a few apps that I love for accountability.

1. Better

This app is super simple, but profound. You choose one thing that you want to do very often, either every day or five times a week. Then, you plug it in and every time you do that one thing you just open the app. That’s it. You can choose to add notes or photos, but if you go too long without opening the app, it’ll remind you to do the thing you’ve been wanting to do. I’ve used to it for two rounds (28 days a piece) to help me be accountable to do Bible study. It is good stuff for brains that are like mine. I have to make commitments to someone or something. I struggle if I only make a commitment to myself. This is a journey that I can watch happen that is tangible. I love it.

2. Balanced

Balanced is similar to Better, but you can use it for multiple things. I am struggling to be disciplined in sitting behind a computer and writing without having a specific deadline for the things I’d like to do. I am using it for things I would like to weekly. You can set it for any timeframe you want. The free version allows you to plug in 5 different things you’d like to keep up with. I have used it for exercise, calling my parents, completing a project, etc. I am currently using to help me write!

3. Focus on the Family

 I cannot stress enough how having this app has transformed some of my days. I’m a listener. I love hearing speeches and talks, my husband and I frequently listen to talk radio like NPR, and now I have made a discovery I must tell the world about. Focus on the Family has 30 minute programs that they air on Christian radio and can be listened to later on their website. Well, let’s be honest, my computer isn’t on unless I’m typing behind it. And when that’s happening, I’m not listening to anything. The app lists out the latest talks that are available and you simply hit play. I listen when I’m folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, or attempting to sew something (not my strength just yet). I love listening to music, but I have found I need to take in more thoughts from people who are likeminded and unapologetic.

 It’s not just for families either. They have discussed things like why Fifty Shades of Grey is NOT all right for the Christian woman to read, how mental illness has an effect on those around it and the church should be doing better to get involved, what it looks like to have a Kingdom Perspective, etc. If you’re reading this and thinking I had you with the first two, but now you’re gone.  Hear me out. We need accountability in more than just reminders. We need to hear truth spoken from genuine, real people other than our pastors to help us live lives of accountability. What kind of time does it take to just download it and check it out? I’ve also linked the website HERE.

That’s that. I can’t stress to you enough how pretty darn great these apps have been for me. Have fun checking them out!

God bless,


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