Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stylish diaper bag for TWO!!!


So, I'm finally back after a LONG hiatus. I have officially moved across the world, found out we are expecting baby #2 in February, and started a new business. Let's just say, LIFE IS CRAZY...crazy good that is!!!
We are finally settled in here on Guam. My house has finally come together and we were fortunate enough to host some friends over for Thanksgiving.
Since finding out we were expecting a new baby (Baby Layne), and a baby girl at that, I've been pretty lazy about planning for her arrival. We still have so many things left from E that this new little one hasn't required us to purchase much. One thing I have thought a lot about though is my bag/diaper bag. I refuse to abandon my personal style simply because I've become a Mom and I don't want to trick myself into thinking I'm going to fit everything I need into a tiny leather satchel like I've been doing. E has been potty trained for the last 4 months and since then I've only needed to carry extra undies and an outfit for her. Now that I'll be transitioning to traveling with two I think I need to get a bag that will accommodate our new needs. Also, I can't resist purchasing a new cute bag.
Here is where I purchased my bag-Thank you 25% off Black Friday Sale-and below are the contents of my bag.

1. Nena and Co. Day Bag-

I thought I would purchase the Day Bag II, but it is actually a bit smaller than the Day Bag and I couldn't find the II in a pattern I liked.

2. Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment-
E never actually got a diaper rash but whenever I noticed redness in nether regions I would immediately apply this and by the next changing it would be all clear. It has a strong scent (of natural oils) but I really like it.

3. Water Wipes-
I used a brand of wipes found at Costco for E. They were natural and fragrance free, but we don't have a Costco here on Guam. I purchased these which I said were too expensive when diapering E but decided to go with for Baby Layne. I really wish I had the discipline to do cloth wipes but I'm no good at keeping up with laundry and I know having to wash wipes regularly would get old. This is also why I don't cloth diaper, which I would love to do, but again don't have the discipline to do.

4. Naty diapers-Newborn size only

This baby around I have become even more ecologically conscious and have decided to find a more natural and biodegradable diaper. I went with these for newborn size because the other natural more affordable ones start at size 1.

5. Nurtured by Nature diapers-

These will be the diapers we use after Baby Layne is no longer in newborns. They are actually priced the same or cheaper than the Pampers we used for E. Hooray!!!

6. E's Klean Kanteen-

I swear by these. They are durable, eco-friendly, and cute. E has been using hers for about a year and we have no complaints. I'll never again by any type of sippy cup, sippy straw cup, tupperware (type) cup, etc...They all end up cracking, breaking, absorbing stains, or are just a pain to clean. Klean Kanteen also has excellent customer service if you have an issue or need replacement pieces.

7. Change of clothes and undies for E.

8. Change of clothes for Baby Layne.

9. Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter- AMAZING!!! All natural! Lasts a long time...DONE!

10. Nursing pads cloth and disposable

11. Extra top or nursing tank-
I still have ones left from E that I got from Target. They are a little large but I think they should work.

12. CleanWell Hand sanitizing wipes-

E has a habit of touching everything!!

13. Aden and Anais Swaddle-

B Jewel tones

14. Burp cloths-
I am making these by hand with 100% Organic Birdseye cotton I bought on Etsy and a cute pink, purple, and teal cotton zigzag print. I made E's burp cloths as well.

15. Waterproof changing pad-

I would like to purchase this one I found on Etsy.
p.s...I love handmade things!!!

16. Mexican baby wrap carrier-

Purchased here on Etsy.

17. EOS lip balm

Last but not least.....

18. My Erin Condren Life Planner-

OMG!!! If you like to write down your daily to-do's and love color, these are for you. I discovered these planners a few months ago and FELL-In-LOVE! I plan to do a separate post all about this planner and what my experience was like purchasing it.

Alrighty, until next time!


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